Sunday, 2 November 2008

A rainy Sunday afternoon

The weather’s been so miserable here today, yet I had a really good day, well a busy one. I couldn’t waste the flesh of the only survivor – my pumpkin that is, especially as I grew it in my own garden. I decided to make pumpkin and apple jam with plenty of cinnamon of course and it turned out real tasty.

The rest of the pumpkin got turned into a rather spicy soup along with other vegetables including some onions and carrots and a chilli from my garden.

Of course I needed some bread to go with the jam and the soup so I made this rustic wheat and rye loaf.

Then I added finings and stabiliser to my strawberry wine, so hopefully that will be ready to drink soon – mmmhhh.

I also started on my elderflower wine which should be ready before Christmas, maybe even before my birthday. It smelled lovely, just like honey and it already started bubbling away like mad.

One could say I had quite a productive day and I think after all that I deserve a nice glass of homemade cherry wine.

Although the day is almost over I don’t want today’s productivity to end, so I might just work on that crochet hat that’s going to be a belated birthday present for my friend along with the scarf I already made – pics to follow on completion.

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