Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Look what Katka and Ondrej got me from CZ - Krteček goodies.

It's a little play board with reusable glue free PVC stickers. All the little characters on the board can be moved around to create a little scene. You can also stick them on other smooth surfaces and use them over and over again - the possibilities are endless!

And here he is: Krteček himself. Isn't he adorable? He's going to live in my car.

It's so sweet of them to remember how much I love that little mole. He's my absolute favourite cartoon character and used to be my imaginary little friend when I was about 3!

Every time Katka comes to the UK she gets me a little Krtek gift. I can't believe she's going to leave us at the end of the month. I'm gonna miss her, well I think everyone will. I best get started on a little leaving present for her but it has to be a quick one because she's only in the UK until Friday. But what shall I make her? I'm getting a bit bored of making crochet hats all the time + everyone seems to be expecting that now, so I will have to come up with something new and soon!

By the way I finished the belated birthday present for my friend, the hat and scarf combo I mentioned in my last post but I haven't got round to taking pictures yet, so I'm going to do that at the weekend.

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