Friday, 31 October 2008

Success or Pink is the new Black

My cookies were a success with the kids and my green pumpkin turned out o.k.

We've also had "Pink Day" at work today as part of the "Dare to wear it pink" campaign to raise money for the Breast Cancer Campaign which was another success as we raised over £200 and I even won a bottle of pink champagne for the best outfit - yeah!

I basically turned my Paris Loop into a skirt and wore it over a petticoat I got from a charity shop along with some rather bright pink tights.

Here's a pic of the whole office dressed in pink - good effort!

We also had a raffle and amongst other store bought prizes I donated these pink cookies and this candy floss pink crochet beret I whipped up last night. Apparently it was seen as one of the tier 1 prizes and now everyone wants me to be their secret Santa - let's see what can be done...

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