Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Toy Story

I haven't really had chance to work on many craft projects since the little man has arrived and I've not had my sewing machine out since last summer. I think the last thing I've sewn was a tiny peak baby cap before the little man was born - little did I know about how much he would hate all kinds of hats. He never wore this particular last hat I'd sewn, along with many others.

Anyway, after browsing one of my Pinterest boards for some small sewing projects I decided it was time to get my machine out and make some toys.

As the little man is currently obsessed with all sorts of tags, ties and fabric straps I knew whatever I was making had to include something like that.

I came across this tutorial from beloved-ones for this tag dinosaur, or tagosaurus as I keep calling it.




The next thing on my must-make-list was this rainbow cloud from this super cute tutorial from refabulous.

rainbow cloud

rainbow cloud

rainbow cloud

I managed to finish both projects in just one evening and I'm very happy with how they turned out and looking at the action shots the little man seems happy too.

Friday, 1 May 2015

Happy May Day

Beltane almost came as a surprise this year; with the little man around time just flies and I've completely lost track of it. My calendar reminded me yesterday that it was Beltane and I didn't have anything ready to celebrate, so I came up with a last minute decoration: some ribbon streamers tied to a wicker heart. Unfortunately by the time I remembered and finished the day was over and it was too dark outside for photos, so I took some on May Day.

May Day ribbon heart

I've hung the heart from the birch tree in our garden, so the little man can see the ribbons dancing in the wind from our living room window.

May Day ribbon heart

The ribbons are inspired by a May Pole and the wicker heart seemed rather apt as Jamie and I got married on May Day and the heart is from one of our flower baskets we used on our wedding day. I can't believe that we've been married two years already; I'm telling you time does fly when you're happy.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Merry Ostara and Solar Eclipse

While the little man had a nap I made some hanging egg vases to celebrate Ostara this year. I first saw this on Gardenista and loved the idea; it's so simple yet so pretty.

hanging Ostara egg vase

This spring equinox is a very special one as there also was a solar eclipse this morning. Unfortunately it was quite cloudy and my rushed attempts to take pictures during breakfast failed miserably, but I found some regional clips on YouTube that captured the eclipse pretty well.

Blessed be.

Friday, 6 February 2015

My new backpack

I'm loving my Manduca and have been using it loads as a front carrier but as the little man is getting rather heavy I thought it was time to try the back carrying option. It's much more comfortable for my back, I can actually use my arms again and the little man seems to like it too as he gets to see the world from a different angle; it must be comfortable for him too as he fell asleep when we went for our afternoon walk.

Manduca back carrier

Manduca back carrier

Manduca back carrier

Manduca back carrier

Manduca back carrier

Manduca back carrier

PS: Did you notice the little yellow hat the little man is modelling? This is one of many things I knitted for him before he was born. His great aunt was nice enough to give me a bag full of knitting needles and vintage baby patterns from her grandmother i.e. the little man's great great grandmother and this hat was made from one of those patterns.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Blessed Imbolc

Imbolc snowdrops

Imbolc daffodil

As Imbolc traditionally is the time to bless the seeds I started my Imbolc ritual a little earlier this year to consciously watch something grow. It's been quite rewarding to see the seeds change every day and turn from something seemingly lifeless into very much alive seedlings and plants.

Imbolc seeds

The word Imbolc literally means "in the belly" and refers to pregnant ewes but also to the Goddess as the mother which made me think back of this time last year when I myself was pregnant and the little man was in my belly. Here's a picture of me from February last year; the stone I'm holding is representative of the size the little man would have been at this stage during the early second trimester of my pregnancy.

2nd trimester

IMBOLC by Karen Bagnard
IMBOLC by Karen Bagnard

The word Imbolc originates from the Gaelic word oimelc which means "ewes milk" but again I'd like to think of it in context of the Goddess as the mother and then relating this back to myself breastfeeding the little man. I think he's celebrating today with me by having an extra feed.

La Grande Maternité, 1963, Pablo Picasso
"La Grande Maternité", 1963, Pablo Picasso

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Seaside in January - Part 2

Same place, different day.

The little man was in need of some fresh air, so we braved the rain and headed towards Bridlington again for a walk.

Walking down some of the back streets to get to the abandoned harbour on such a dark and rainy afternoon was quite bleak and Morrissey's Everyday Is Like Sunday springs to mind: 

Hide on the promenade
Etch a postcard :
"How I Dearly Wish I Was Not Here"
In the seaside town
...that they forgot to bomb
Come, Come, Come - nuclear bomb.

But then look at my very first tilt shift miniature picture I took. That instantly brightens up the day.

And to really cheer us up we got a bag of chips (and scraps) which we stood eating in the harbour, in the rain, in January. I guess had anyone seen us they would have doubted our sanity, but we well and truly enjoyed it.

To top it all my phone decided to take this really artsy photo by mistaking a sneeze for a command to take a picture.

Who says rainy winter days are dull? Well, we had fun.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Seaside in January - Part 1

The weather has been lovely today, not like January at all, not too cold and most importantly sunny. The perfect day to take the little man in his buggy to Bridlington for a seaside walk and to enjoy some fish and chips in the harbour - me that is, not the little man of course.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Blessed Yule

Ice candle

Ice candle
Merry Winter Solstice.

All I managed to make to celebrate the shortest day today is this ice candle as unfortunately my frozen suncatchers didn't turn out as planned and the sun didn't really come out today anyway in order to take pictures. 
We did however go for a lovely walk by the sea today where the sky had turned all shades of red and pink, but as I wasn't expecting such great colours on an elsewise rather miserable day I didn't take my camera.

I hope you all enjoyed today and look forward to the return of the sun.